How long until my new site is live?

We can have your new website up and running in as little as 1 week. Yes - one week!

How much are updates?

Never pay extra for updates. Easily add and edit your content on your own, or just send email changes to us and we'll take care of it for you. This is part of the monthly hosting payments.

Is there a contract?

Nope, we don't like contracts here. Not only do we have a 30-day money back guarantee, we have a no contracts policy. You can cancel anytime. Please see more information below, or see our Refund Policy.

What is a mobile site?

We create a website that's 100% responsive on all devices so your site will look and work great on desktop, tablet and any mobile device.

Why do the "other guys" advertise such cheap prices?

Do-it-yourself website builders like GoDaddy, Weebly, and Wix give you a template and send you off on your own to figure out the rest. We'll create a professional website for you, from start to finish, that makes your business look good and gets you in front of more local customers.

Can I host my website somewhere else?
No, we take care of the build and hosting here. It's a good thing too. You're going to be busy doing what you do best, let us handle what we do best and take one more thing off of your plate.

What about my domain name?
You are welcome to register your domain name anywhere you like. When we're ready to get your site live, we'll walk you through pointing the domain to us. We recommend using Name.com to register your domain name. We can also take care of this part for you, so just inquire.

Do I get a dashboard for my site?
Yes. You will be able to log in to your site from any computer, and make changes and/or view your site statistics to see how it's performing. We recommend getting google analytics for more in depth statistics.

Are there any industry types that you don't service?

Yes, we don't service any industry types related to adult, drugs, violence, and also we avoid anything related to anything spiritual or religious including new age: yoga, meditation, healing crystals, healing practices, mediums, channeling, etc. And we reserve the right to refuse service.

Why do I need to pay a monthly hosting fee to you?

We use software in which the website and hosting are part of the same platform. Your monthly hosting payment is for maintenance as well as hosting the website in order to keep it live on the world wide web! Please refer to our features and pricing page to see all the great features that the monthly hosting includes.

If I cancel with you, can I keep my website?

You are free to cancel with us at anytime. Unfortunately, once you decide you'd like to end our relationship you will not be able to take the website we built for you to a different hosting company. Since the website and hosting software that we use are one-in-the same. We cannot separate them to give you the website. In order to keep the website that we built for you live, you will need to continue to pay the monthly hosting. Once you decide to cancel, we will subsequently cancel your automatic monthly hosting and the website will be turned off. You are free to go to a different company if you choose, but they would have to rebuild the website for you from the ground up. We will also transfer your domain name to whomever you'd like if we have your domain regsitered under our account.

Do I really need a website?

If you're in business, then yes, you absolutely without a doubt, need a website. If you want credibility as a business, if you want to drive more business your way, if you really want to get in the game, then the answer is yes! Read more on this topic here.

I just have a Facebook page, isn't that enough?

While Facebook is great for a lot of things, there are many reasons why having a Facebook page simply isn't enough if you want to survive as a business. Just to name a couple 1) Not everyone is on Facebook, there are actually a lot of people who purposely avoid it and 2) Facebook has a habit of placing advertisements on your business page, often of your competition. Read more HERE about Facebook Vs. a Website.

I don't have the time or money for a website, what benefit would it be to me?

You can't afford NOT to have a website. Just think of the money you are leaving on the table or handing over to your competition because you don't have a great web presence.
A website from us is going to cost you little compared to the return that it will bring. So it's like 1 extra hair cut a month from your clients, or 1 extra cup of coffee sold a day to cover the cost of the monthly hosting fee. And the website should be driving at LEAST that much more your way anyways.

And you really don't need time to make a website, that's what we're here for. We take care of pretty much all of it! We can develop content for you and grab your most recent photos from your Facebook or yelp page. When you do have a moment you can easily log in to your website and make some changes, or you can just tell us what you need. Our simple website editor is so easy, a 7 year old can do it! We have an automated monthly payment system, so really, you don't need to do anything.

All you have to gain is more customers finding you, which equals more business driven your way.

"Kate is very patient and efficient, the job is great, she made my website look very nice , and she always responds right the way ! I'll keep give my website work to her, highly recommended!"
-Sandy G.
Mon Luxe Nails
Toronto Canada

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